My Weekend Savior: Big Thanks Lisa

I had just ended a painful negotiation with my clients in Brussels and had a long weekend left before my flight would carry me back home with no idea how to spend it. I was contemplating staying in my hotel room downing glasses of Kriek Lambic through the three days that I had before me. Never could I have predicted what turns that weekend in Brussels was about to take for me. I happened to pick up a flyer lying around on the reception on the way back to my room. It was an Escort Agency providing companionship for cases just like mine. Even though I wasn’t in the mood for it, I decided to give it a try. I called up the number; they took a few details and asked me to wait. I reached Forets des Soignes, which was where I had arranged the meeting, since I had heard about how good the woods are for walking around and since I’m a hopeless romantic. I stood waiting on a dock wondering if it was a bad idea after all when this lady walked up to me and introduced herself as Lisa. She looked middle aged and I instantly liked the way she’d keep stroking her fringes nervously. From there Brussels revealed what I never expected it to have. As we ambled along the mesmerizing woods of the Forets she confided in me that she was new in business and she wasn’t really sure if she was doing things right. Her unapologetic yet considerate honesty fascinated me right away and the more I talked to her the more this gripping urge to explore her world overwhelmed me. After I told her about myself, she insisted on taking me around the city. I would say that week witnessed the best dining, exploration and most importantly, the conversations that I, as a traveller, had seen before.

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