How are the fees set?

As we have the top of the bill models in our portfolio, our rates reflect this hard-to-find quality. We have three categories: “debutantes”, “vip models” and “platinum models”.

  • Debutantes: as the word says, our “debutantes” who have just started to work for Heaven’s Elite and are in a period of assessment,
  • VIP models: Our “vip models”  have already proven the quality of their services, and are succesful models. 
  • Platinum models; published models, famous actresses, Playmates and beauty contest winners who are the top of the top of our agency. Often these models are available on our offline portfolio only.

We keep this standard very high, so you can be assured of the quality of our services. If the fees are too high in your opinion, then just think about the price of a luxury car or an excellent bottle of wine.
If our fees are nevertheless out of your budget, we are happy to recommend you models from another agency that maintains the highest standards as well but have more “democratic” prices. Please contact us for more information!


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment in cash, by bank transfer (in advance) or by credit card (online via a secured payment transaction). For credit card payments a 7% handling fee is charged.


How are transport costs calculated?

Travel costs are calculated on a case-by-case basis depending on the cost of the taxi, train or airplane.
If we advance the travel costs, these have to be covered by a down payment using a bank transfer, paypal or credit card.


Can I receive an invoice?

Yes you can. We are a fully legal company based in Switzerland and Belgium, so we can send you invoices. There will never be mentionned anything related to “escort services” on your invoice, so discretion is guaranteed. Please contact us for more information.


Money back guarantee?

We are confident in this gesture towards our loyal vip members; Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience and we use all the necessary … to accomplis this. Nevertheless we are all “human” and as you probably realise human relationships are sometimes very unpredictable
Our loyal members enjoy the benefit that if they are not happy with their date, they will have a reduction of 50% with the next 2 bookings, which means a 100% reduction in total.


What are the differences in rate categories?

Our “debutantes” are in a period of “assessment”, they do not have a proven track of record yet.

Our VIP models are models who have appeared several times in the press; they are also highly experienced escorts and current X actresses. VIP have stunning looks and are indeed accomplished women of the world. Speaking several languages they make ideal companions for true gentlemen.

Our platinum models  are an exclusive category of quite exceptional escorts who are professional models or X film stars. They are the kind of partners you dream about, with real class, a rare beauty and excellent education. They are perfect hostesses and truly accomplished escorts for the most demanding of gentlemen.


When do you expect a down payment?