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London Escort – Kate





Mesmerizing is how we would describe our first meeting with London escort Kate. Based in London to finish her Arts & Science Bachelor this supremely sexy girl knows exactly what she wants. But even more important, how to get it.

With dedication and ambition beautiful Kate combines her studies and a zest for the good life in which she loves to meet with intelligent, strong and interesting gentleman in her free time. London escort Kate loves to spend  time in companion of those men that appreciate a woman with style, class and the dedication to stay in shape like she does.

You must know that London escort Kate hits the gym at least 4 times a week to keep her athletic body to die for in perfect shape and that yoga keeps her body and mind in perfect balance. Her little guilty pleasure is having a sweet tooth but she never allows that to influence her looks.

The combination of her impeccable sense of style with her tousled dark hair make Kate an absolute stunner so be sure she’ll have all eyes on her when entering any room with you during your date. They will stare at her and her incredible long legs that seem to go on forever. Especially when Kate is wearing her favorite long silk dress she will make an impression you won’t forget easily.

While sitting accros her you will notice that her bright blue eyes have that sparkle that tells of a secretly naughty mind… A naughty mind she will love to show behind closed doors.  So play your cards right and she will blow your mind when dropping her long silk dress on the floor… Promise…

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Brussels Escort – Gisele


Brussels EscortBrussels Escort Belgium –  Gisele


Do you believe it is possible to get addicted to a woman’s presence? Brussels escort Gisele is the living proof that it is…

As a former dancer, VIP companion Gisele knows how to move her hourglass figure and how to make all eyes turn on her as she walks in the room.

She looks like the goddess Aphrodite in the flesh. With her luscious blonde hair down her back, proper curves on the right places, slim tiny waist and a heart shaped face with seductive pouting sexy lips you just want to kiss when u see them.

Her mesmerizing smile enchants a whole room. Her sky-blue crystal eyes will hypnotize you as they will be fixated on you and nothing but you when she is your date.

Brussels escort Gisele is attentive, seductive and open minded and makes her companion feel on top of her world and that can be very addictive.

Her beauty is certainly exquisite but that is not what makes Escort Brussels Gisele the perfect VIP companion. It’s her trait of being ‘a boy’s girl’ that makes her so much fun to be with. She has an incredible ability to keep up with the boys. With her enthusiasm for men’s guilty pleasures like football and fast cars you’ll never run out of things to talk about.

Obviously, VIP Brussels escort Gisele loves to try new things. To meet new interesting gentleman that know how to treat a girl of her standard and explore boundaries. So, if you play your cards right who knows what will happen when you’re together.

By the way, did we mention that luxury Brussels escort Giselle also enjoys the company of other attractive and open minded sexy women? Seriously… could Gisele be any more tempting?

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London Escort – Christine

London Escort Christine

London Escort | Christine



London escort Christine can only be described as the perfect companion. It doesn’t matter if you take her to the trendiest restaurants in London or just want to cosy up in a small boutique hotel with a bottle of red wine.

Christine is that kind of girl that will exactly know how to adapt and make you feel comfortable. You could say she is the perfect match for a real girlfriend experience.

She is relaxed, confident and has a playful personality that will take the lead into exploring boundaries if you let her. Her fabulous long legs, beautiful blonde hair and sun kissed skin will seduce you into surrendering to her.

We should warn you about spending time with her…

Can you imagine yourself being with her in one room? We dare you!




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Amber Escort International

Escort International – Amber

Escort International - Amber

Escort International – Amber


They like the fact that I am very seductive and playful, but also honest, sincere, down to earth and someone you can converse for hours during dinner. That i genuinely want to make my man having the best time.


I like someone charming, brilliant, with an interesting personality, someone that i can laugh with but also someone very playful like me.


Girlfriend experience with me. I am honest. Will to make you have a good time.

Escort International – Amber is one of our best ladies and she has always surprised our clients.


Some of her Reviews:

Amber was very good : charming , entertaining , and highly intellectual too !!


Amber came very elegant to me, dress code fully respected. She is very agreeable and sexy to. The service is nice, between experienced escort and young girl…she is willing! I will certainly see her again.


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London Escort – Antonia

London Escort – Antonia


Do you like smart girls that challenge you? Then let me tell you all about Antonia. Escort London Antonia is an angel straight from paradise. Smart, and well educated Antonia enjoys going on dates with men with equivalent intellect. She dates only for a bit of spontaneity and to escape the stresses of her demanding occupation. When Antonia is out with you she unwinds, relaxes and demands that you do the same. Her motto is “Carpe’ diem” and she loves pleasant company that can engage her in conversation.

Smart and beautiful Antonia is a full package. She has the figure of a seasoned athlete that she keeps in shape by skiing in the winter and working out in the gym. Attentive to her appearance but not conceited Antonia is the perfect balance between glamour model and the girl next door. She has a great sense of fashion and knows how to dress up (or down) for any occasion.

If you wish to capture Antonia’s affections the best advice is “just to be yourself”. Escort London Antonia is drawn to honest personalities and individuals who share her interests.

In close quarters Antonia loves a man that is in control and makes her feel desired. She is sensual and generous when she relaxes.

Gentlemen who prefer the company of both intelligence and beauty will be waiting in line to spend time with Antonia. She has a very demanding job, but makes time for men who get her attention. She enjoys travel and luxurious dining experiences. Make sure that you plan an exquisite evening for the two of you!

Lisa Escort International

Escort International – Lisa

Elegant, sexy and gorgeous escort Paris

The french beauty Lisa is the epitome of high class and elegance. Get lost in waves of strawberry blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes but be careful as it will be difficult not to fall in love on sight. She will tantalize your taste buds in four different languages as she is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and French. Treat her like a queen and she may whisper something devilish and sweet in her language of choice before taking a sip of her favorite champagne. She is willful but quiet and will have you eating out of the palm of her hand by nights end. When she speaks you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her scintillating mouth.

Escort Paris Lisa means a crushing victory and once she has had her way with you she will be the victor indeed. There is no doubt after meeting such a knockout you will go away feeling like you too have won a real victory.

You may lose sleep over this one as she is a vixen that is truly unforgettable. A student with Italian origins she has a love for horseback riding and a passion for a true gentleman who treats her in a manner which will turn her on. It’s no secret that Escort Paris Lisa loves a gentleman who will cuddle her and she will not disappoint in return. She will speak eloquently on art and music as you dine on french or Asian cuisine, tastes that are sure to put her in the mood. She likes her men elegant, charming and interesting to speak to.

A day with Lisa is one you will not soon forget as she looks forward to making it a divine experience that will have you coming back for another taste.

If you are looking for an unforgettable escort Paris, Lisa is your absolute choice!