Luxury Escort Girls

What is a luxe escort or luxury escort? Is it an escort girl that wears nice clothes, or has expensive jewellery? Is she more intelligent than a “normal escort”? Does she only want to sleep in a 5* hotel, preferably in St Tropez, Marbella or Monaco? I was wondering what it is, and I asked a few of my clients…

Different opinions

Some people say a luxury escort provides the so-called “GFE” or “GirlFriend Experience”. It’s not just about sex, it’s having a girlfriend for an evening. You do nice things with her, some sightseeing, eating in a good restaurant, having interesting conversations, to end up in a passionate moment together. It’s something different than a “PSE” (Pornstar Experience where the girl often pretends like being in a pornstar movie and imitates these typical “sounds” of a portnstar).

Other people say that “luxury escorts” are the girls that you can find on the covers of a magazine, runway models and celebrity stars. Everyone agrees that a luxury escort can ask higher rates… but why? Maybe we should link the word “luxury escort” to the word “courtesan”


Why would someone see “luxury escorts”? At Fleur des Anges, we intermediate for a nice time together. It’s not about one hour plain “sports”, it’s about having a girlfriend for an evening. A luxury escort has to be on the same level as her date when it comes to intelligence and social skills.

Contact us at Fleur des Anges and book your luxury escort for a dinner date and then rest at the hotel in the night!

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