My High Class Escort from Zurich – Extremely Attractive with Interesting Intelligence


I am a travel blogger and photographer from United Kingdom I got interested to see and visit Zurich, Switzerland.  I rented a flat while staying in Zurich.  I was alone seating on my table to write my blogs and I find it so lonely and boring at first.   It was my first time to visit Zurich, that’s why I decided to hire a high class escort.  I have searched and came with FDA Escorts.  In short I have called FDA Escort and asked them to send me a companion.   My door bell rang in less than an hour.  When I opened my door, I saw a blonde long-haired lady, heart-shaped angelic face, red shimmering luscious lips and a perfectly shaped body in silhouette clothes.  This high class escort Zurich was extremely attractive and immediately captivated my heart.

My experience with a high class escort Zurich

I offered her to join me for dinner and have a little wine for relaxation.  During our conversation, I found that she’s not only extremely beautiful but also a very smart woman.  She was a former model and currently taking up Law as her second course.  I was impressed not only by her exceptional looks but also by her intelligence.  As a writer, all the information she can give me about Zurich as a place will be a big factor in making the contents of my articles to be more concise and interesting to my readers.  While she was talking, I remember myself staring to her beautiful face from her blue eyes and down to her red luscious lips.  She is so irresistible that I found myself started kissing her.  Everything happened that night was very fast and unforgettable.

The next day, she gave me a tour on the most beautiful places in Zurich.  It was repeated for days and I spent a week with her.  Everything seems to be perfect that time.  I don’t want my trip to end because I already fell in love with Zurich and to my high class escort Zurich.  My sweet Angel even escorted me at the airport.  Before I left, I hug her so tight and kissed her once more.


I will cherish every moment that I am in Zurich.  I will always remember that once in Zurich I enjoyed a perfect life with my extremely attractive and intelligent Escort from FDA.