Escort UK – From Paris To Stardom

My work as a sports writer had already driven me to numerous heights from financial freedom to where I earned a name and respect for my good job. Although this is something that maybe I will not mention in my biography, sports writing had indeed led me to one of the planets best kept secrets.

The popularity of the English premier league had now grown in France and my newspaper was eager to slice its share of the cake that came with correspondence to the English game. As the top journalist, the task had to be mine and I admit I was doomed to enjoy every aspect of it.

I arrived at Heathrow airport where I met Mark who was the associate correspondent with a leading UK tabloid and he led the way on my journey to meet my escort UK to the English green grass where the game was to be played. Mark was busy with his brother’s wedding and had told me he had arranged a special escort UK who will take his role.

Finally, I met the lovely escort UK; she was a young and absolutely beautiful woman that looked to me 0% a sports journalist and 99% plus 1 an elegant supermodel. I was puzzled. My escort UK was good at her job as a sports correspondence and my nighttime angel. She knew everything about English football, in fact, she even helped me write some of my reports.

One thing that also stunned me was the way she connected with the games top elite personalities and she was a Belgian! I had never seen such a woman before, a woman who was endowed by beauty, humbleness and spectacular brains. She whispered to me as we parted ways after my mission that she had to return to Fleur Des Anges in Brussels the escort company that had sent her to me.

Thank you Fleur Des Anges!

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