Escort Spain – Fiesta De La Viva

The glory and glamour of the first African World Cup had certainly gotten me all over. I had made the long journey from Sao Paulo to South Africa to witness the showpiece live and direct.

Brazil had disappointed me and my allegiance had shifted to Spain who had consequently won the title.

This is where the story begins, having had won the championship Spain was surely a team in its own league. The party was going to be in Madrid and I had to be there no matter what.

My Spain Escort Experience…

We arrived at the airport under the glorious sunshine of Spain and this is when I realized I was missing something, an escort. I tried to call the usual escorts agencies in Sao Paulo but their service was limited to Brazilian borders.

Just in the middle of my search, I found this name; Fleur Des Anges, a company based in Brussels that connected me to the loveliest escort spain that were based here in Madrid.

My party mission in Spain was now completed with glamour and glimpse; my escort was not new to Spanish fiestas and took care of me in all this celebrations. Despite all this my escort to Spain had not finished yet, she loved the night of Spain and she made me love it too.

My escort spain took me to the best strip clubs and parties that made me want to be Spanish. The tip of the ice berg was, I have to mention, the way she took stunned me with her charm all night, her service was heavenly simply to say the least, she knew the right spots and the right way, the experience was just out of this world.

As I concluded my celebration of one of my greatest sporting outing, one thing that lingered on my mind was that Spain was a place I would love to come back soon.

Thanks to Fleur Des Anges!!

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