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Munich was on the verge of being wiped out in two world wars, however this city has stood the test of time and managed to recreate much of its folkloric, Bavarian past. Oktoberfest is legendary, but you can visit the Hofbrauhaus any time of year for an immense beer. Olympia park, the site of the 1972 games, is not to be missed (you can skate on the Olympic ice rink and swim in the pool).

On a not very pleasing note, take time to visit the concentration camp at Dachau—it’s an intense, yet unforgettable, glimpse into the not-too-distant horrors of the Holocaust.

Munich started out as a small town enclosed by a wall but later expanded beyond it. The ‘inner city’ occupies such a small area that everything is close and easy to visit, and you’ll get a sense of the original wall, in fact the gates still stand to date.

The river Isar flows through the city and it is generally a very green place. The enormous Englischer Garten, is a park with a boating lake and beer garden, it is a place worth a visit.

Geography and Weather

Munich is the largest city in the south of Germany and is about an hour and a half drive from the Alps. Most of the time the mountains are just a dark unclear shadow on the horizon, but with the right weather conditions – specifically a special wind called the Foehn – , they become crystal and beautifully clear. This is when the postcard pictures get taken. Munich is very close to Austria, Switzerland and after a short hop through Austria, also Italy.

It is a generally flat place and has true continental weather (very warm in the summer, and very cold in the winter). The summer experiences a few thunderstorms in the evenings, but far more beautiful sunsets. If you come in the winter, bring really warm clothes, in summer the nights are balmy but bring a small umbrella just in case.

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