Escort London: Wild Romance on a Yacht

After reaching London for an important business conference, I was overwhelmed to see the birthday present that my secretary had arranged for me prior to my coming. It was an amazing sexy weekend on a yacht with a surprising company.  On the destined day of my birthday, at around 7:30 pm, my doorbell rang and two stunning, sexy and gorgeous females in spectacular outfits of black angels escorted me to a limousine parked just outside my hotel. They engrossed me in an entertaining conversation and a rousing dance inside the car, until we reached the yacht. The big peach yacht was adorned just for us three, in the expanse of endless water, starry sky and wild breeze. I was served liquor, food and entertainment in the most breathtaking fashion by the models. They became the captain, guide, waitress and the table for me to celebrate my dinner on.

The Escort London, Andrea and Cassey massaged me past all limits of ecstasy and provided me with the best of climaxes I had ever experienced. They brought out my secret fetishes, fantasies and desires to overwhelm me with a night full of erotica, fantasy and wildest romance. Both females took care of me with genuine passion and wild love. The unforgettable memory of the exhilaration I felt on that yacht, that night was truly incomparable to all my wildest dreams. Both the females’ pole danced and lap danced for me and entertained me till I fell asleep with bliss and intoxicated exhaustion. I remember so well the fanning both the females did for me, from either sides, till I fell into the most beautiful slumber. I woke up with Cassey and Andrea providing me the sexiest feast for my eyes, with their hot bodies and exceptional skills. The limit of fun and frolic I had on my birthday was truly stunning; thanks to my secretary, Fleur Des Anges and the two escort London, who made it possible for me. Thank you all!

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