Escort Hamburg: Best Seductive dancer

When getting on a plane to Hamburg, I had no idea about the fantasies and pleasures that was awaiting me in less than a week. I came to Hamburg to meet an old college friend of mine. We spend the first few days relaxing and living the nostalgia of our earlier years. Fortunately or unfortunately, my friend had to leave owing to an emergency and I was left alone in the vastness of Hamburg for 3 days more. I wandered around the city sans aim or purpose for a whole day. The exhaustion and boredom made me curl up in my bed, watch a movie and sleep the night off.

The next day, I came across an advertisement board that I could see right outside my room about an escort service with amazing slogans that said everything that companionship could do. I immediately placed a call to Fleur Des Anges and booked an Escort Hamburg model for myself after a long chat with the receptionist, describing my preferences and other demands as well as fetishes. Booking an escort was my first experience and hence I was too shy as well as nervous when the bell rang. As agreed, the model named Tania, a gorgeous and stunning hot female walked into my room. She had brown hair, blue eyes and an hourglass physique. To hide my arousal and increased nervousness, I poured a drink for both of us and sat opposite to her. All the while, in an awkward demeanour of how to start the conversation, I kept quiet. To my surprise, in about half an hour, Tania had cracked my shyness and nervousness to become amazingly intimate with me.

I was not just surprised, but overwhelmed with happiness when Escort Hamburg opened my own secret vaults of fetishes, desires and fantasies of pleasure. Tania completely satiated me and I’m extremely grateful for having booked her for the rest of my stay in Hamburg as well

Thank you Tania!

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