Escort Brussels – Fleur Des Anges

Lately, Brussels which is also the capital city of Belgium has become a major tourist destination for both long vacation as well weekend getaways. This town is located strategically which makes it a center for European culture; it is this popularity that has lead to its nickname ‘the European Village’.

Brussels plays host to over 90 museums, beautiful recreational parks, elegant restaurants and bars among many other important features.

For those travelers who are abroad, you will agree to the fact that travelling to Brussels is far much cheaper as compared to other European glamorous cities like London and Milan. There are a number of choices that suit every one’s budget. Accommodation is available in several locations that include luxury hotels, star-rated hotels, hostels and rental flats.

Although Brussels is well known for its chocolate, beer and lace, there is another side of this city that is worth discovering.

Brussels shopping Malls

One fascinating reality concerning the capital of Belgium is its ancient store. This town has the oldest store all over the world though more have sprung up in the recent past. Every first time traveler to this part of Europe is fascinated at how elaborate these malls are. They are very different from the usual shopping malls and most of them are set up in very old buildings.

Top shopping streets in Brussels

If you have an eye for the finer things in life stop over at the avenue Delaware Waterloo and Rue Antoine Dansaert, this is the ideal place for high end designer items. Regular shoppers are also well taken care of and Rue Neuve that is specifically set for pedestrians is a smart location. City2, Brussels largest shopping mall is located on this street.

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