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Bern is an old city that has been recognized by UNESCO as a historical World Heritage Site. This town consists of a six kilometers long arcade which is among the longest all- weather shopping arcade within Europe. Bern is one of the best places for vacation and it only gets sweeter when you are in the company of a charming beauty.

Escort Bern is all about fun and we have some of the most amazing women Bern has to offer. The medieval atmosphere of this town plus the amazing set up of shopping stalls within the arcades make it a real romantic city.

Bern is home to numerous museums, theaters, sightseeing locations, restaurants and many outlets which are easily accessible on foot. This town was set up on a peninsula within the Aar and as a result of its central position; it is conveniently accessible from each corner of Switzerland.

Our escort Bern women have the most ideal measurements each man looks out for. They are well educated and exciting girls who are ready pamper you all night through. The most amazing part of our escort Bern women is the fact that you can spend the whole evening with her in a bar but come the following day you will still be very fascinated about her.

Our escort Bern women accompany you all over from business meetings to high end dinner. Our escort service guarantees you a sensational date with an escort model in each region. She’ll undoubtedly come up to your expectations, your desires and dreams. At our agency you’ll solely experience top quality escort women who will satisfy your romance hunger while at the same time treating you like a king. Our escort service stands for prime quality.

Why be content with an uninteresting date or a negative personal encounter? Discover another side of romance you did not know existed. Our escort Bern women will offer you the sweetness, sensuality, intelligence, confidentiality and delicious sensation of romance that’s out of the ordinary.

Our escort Bern models go through an extensive interview prior to joining our agency. It is for this reason that we can guarantee you the very best experience. Our list of models includes lovely trendy young girls, elegant and refined, distinguished women who portray exemplary manners, from completely different origins and backgrounds.

Be it professionals, non-professionals or really casual, all our escort Bern models share a typical vision: the will to please, and pleasure a client.

For a classic luxury escort service, a casual encounter in a very Swiss town, a weekend in a very European capital, or an exclusive escort across the Atlantic we always ensure we place our client with the most ideal escort Bern model.

We are driven by passion in what we do and we have a favorite quote from the eminent French writer Charles Baudelaire who once stated that there is no sweeter pleasure than to surprise a man by giving him over what he hopes for. Welcome and discover more than you can ever hope for. We truly believe you will enjoy your visit to Bern and have lasting memories of this amazing city.

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