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Antwerp is a city and a municipality located in Belgium. It is also the capital of the Antwerp province of Belgium. Although it experienced severe WWII bombings back in the 16nth century it has managed to rise above the ruins and today Antwerp is one of the most robust cities in the world.

It is home to gorgeous medieval heart that is decorated with café-filled cobbled lanes, a riverside defensive structure and an intriguing cathedral locally known as the cathedral of our Lady which also happens to be the tallest in the world.

Antwerp has made a name for itself due to the large amounts of diamonds that come from there. Apart from its large production of diamond, this city is slowly emerging as a fashion and Flemish artist’s destination.

And speaking of nightlife, Antwerp is not left out. This town is home to over 800 restaurants and 1600 pubs, plenty of them run on a twenty four hour basis. Below are a number of places that will be of interest to you throughout your visit to Antwerp;

The Eilandje space

As a traveler, you may be searching for an inquisitive lace to spend some quiet time away from the bustle and hustle of town. Eilandje district which at first acted as Antwerp’s port is a perfect location to relax. It’s a speedily growing elegant neighborhood that could be a favorite weekend getaway.


Meir is Antwerp’s most prestigious and busy pedestrian street. There’s a large presence of international fashion brands on this street. If you’re craving for high-end finish things, stop by the Stadsfeestzaal shopping mall.

Quartier Latin

This location could be a haven of peace and is additionally home to Antwerp’s arboretum. Saturday’s are exotic market days here.

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Apart from the above mentioned, this city is an ideal place to stop-by if you’re craving for some pleasure.

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