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The first thing about the escort is to know how they are selected. Enter in this escort service is very easy and it mainly happen through referral when some ones friend or acquaintance is working in this type of profession. Recruitments through printed media are an out dated trend now. The escorts have to give an interview with the agency and based on this the agency decides whether to recruit them as fresher or models list. There are many advertisements done by these escort agencies. If an escort Amsterdam agency hires girl for the service they may have give full photograph to escorts photographer.

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Then the photos are used on the escort Amsterdam agencies official website and can also be send to the prospective client for their business purpose. Some of big escort agency use to place their escort girl’s photo in the official website and so the customers can choose from there. The service is mainly time based for an hour to one day and also the whole night. The client can then contact the escort agency regarding their requirement and the type of girls available to the agency.

We at also suggest our clients about specific girls to fulfill their requirement. The agency firstly collects the details about the client including the contact details and then their needs. Today this type of escort job has became best paying part-time jobs, and so many beautiful and educated girls are opting for this profession.

Protect identity

To protect the identity of the escort Amsterdam personals the agency maintains strict confidentiality. We refuse to entertain fake calls. The main duty of the agency is to make an appointment with the client and the escort personal. There are certain rules and regulation that the escorts and the clients need to maintain, in any case the relationship between escort and escort agency should not break the laws which are present against prostitution.

No fake

 We do not put up any fake profiles on our website, and all our profiles and escort photos are genuine. This is also a reason why we have the money back guarantee, and if the clients are not happy with the girl or if there is any delay from our side because of escort issues, then we give back the money to our clients. After giving back the money, we also give 30% discount for them on their next booking.

We are a licensed agency in the escort business and so there is no need for you to be afraid about breaking any law. We hire our escorts who are a perfect combination f beauty and brains, and so it is always a pleasure for you to take them as companion whether you go for sightseeing or you go for a top class party. Our escorts will prove to be your perfect companion with their witty sense of humor and the most charming looks. SO just visit our website and get your dream girl when in Amsterdam.

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